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Shenzhen wandechang innovation intelligence Co., Ltd., founded in 2020, is located in Shenzhen Shajing, the core hinterland of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, adjacent to Bao'an airport and Shenzhen New International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Established in 2011, the parent company wandechang Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier of many listed companies. Therefore, wandechang innovation has been endowed with strong product R & D, manufacturing, key customer sales and supply chain management capabilities.

Company advantage

Committed to becoming a leading enterprise of service robots

  • profit profit

    Now artificial intelligence is a blue ocean, seize the opportunity To lead the future.

  • channel channel

    Comprehensive empowerment of products, training, operation and resources Help partners grow continuously and rapidly.

  • technology technology

    Excellent technical team, master a number of core technologies Have their own production plant It has a number of patented technologies.

  • Product Product

    There are many kinds of intelligent service robots Support enterprise software and hardware customization Solve the core needs of customers.

Excellent products

Let intelligent distribution robots enter thousands of househol

Expensive labor, difficult recruitment and difficult management of people are the biggest costs faced by all walks of life, and now and in the future in the epidemic era and post epidemic era, labor costs are no longer controllable, and provincial labor has become the rigid demand of enterprises.

Intelligent distribution robot can be used as the carrier of enterprise brand characteristics, publicize the brand through appearance image, voice, image, video, interaction, broadcasting, etc., and provide you with customized business district drainage and promotion scheme by using wandechang's powerful channel network.

Service support

300 + service stations, 24-hour service

  • Brand support
    Brand support

    Appearance design

    Advertising design

    event planning

  • Product support
    Product support

    Additional functions

    Product accessories

    Parameter adaptation

  • Channel support
    Channel support

    Industry research

    Regional protection

    excitation mechanism

  • Market support
    Market support

    Promotion coverage

    Activity support

    Market operation

  • Service support
    Service support

    Customer service reception

    Product upgrade

    After sales support

  • Training support
    Training support

    requirement analysis

    Product training

    case analysis

  • technical support
    technical support

    Excellent team

    Self research technology

    core technology

  • Sales support
    Sales support

    Sales training 

    Pre sales guidance

    After sales assistance

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