Wandechang intelligent distribution robot:4 core functions

Autonomous positioning and navigation One click positioning, on call

The self-developed slam system, real-time positioning and map construction, real-time mapping and positioning, enables the robot to navigate independently through the scanning and mapping of the site, rather than the traditional ceiling code navigation. It can easily control any complex scene and complete independent positioning and navigation without any damage and change to the site.

Wandechang intelligent distribution robot: four core functions

One machine with multiple functions Five troubles can be solved by one machine. It integrates distribution, welcome, drainage, guidance and publicity

With AI voice interaction function and flexible expression, it can realize man-machine linkage, greatly increase the flexibility of the robot, and the voice content can change the language according to customer requirements, so as to make the robot more integrated with the site, and truly realize 1 + 1 greater than 2.

Wandechang intelligent distribution robot: four core functions

One machine with multiple functions AI voice interaction, full of joy

The "bear series" robot contains rich system functions, which can enable one robot to do various types of work, such as automatic navigation function, allowing it to act as a welcome robot, and its own super large rear screen can allow it to act as an automatic mobile advertising menu and its own distribution function, so that it can truly achieve multi-purpose.

Wandechang intelligent distribution robot: four core functions

Super load The load of the whole machine is 80kg, and the demand can be maximized

Unlike most distribution robots on the market, the bear series robots have extremely limited capacity. The bear series robots have a large load space and excellent load-bearing capacity. For example, the bear robot has a load-bearing capacity of 80kg, and the height and quantity of pallets can be adjusted according to the height of the delivered objects, so as to be flexible and more able to meet the needs of customers.