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The parent company wandechang Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is a supplier to a number of listed companies. Therefore, wandechang innovation has been empowered with strong product R & D, manufacturing, key customer sales and supply

  • Terminal service scheme
    Service scenario arrangement
    Service schedule
    Enterprise PI customization
  • Door to door supporting services
    Door to door installation service
    Machine deployment scheme
    Machine operation training
  • 24 / 7 after-sales service
    7 * 24 hours online
    After sales maintenance guarantee
    Machine data analysis

service Custom service

  • Marketing program

    Marketing program

    Rear screen advertising

    Activity customization scheme

    Different industry alliance promotion

    • Rear screen advertising:

      The rear 16.5-inch HD large screen can put store brand advertisements Activity advertisement, new product advertisement, coupon information, etc.

    • Activity customization scheme:

      Customize the exclusive back screen advertisement, exclusive skin Atmosphere, lighting, etc.

    • Different industry alliance promotion:

      Wandechang innovative service robots are distributed in various industries. Through mutual advertising by affiliated enterprises, they can increase the promotion exposure rate of enterprises and stores, and increase the radiation range of stores and surrounding penetration.

  • Exclusive customization

    Exclusive customization

    Custom skin

    Exclusive OEM customization

    • Custom skin:

      It can customize its exclusive appearance and skin according to the nature of the customer's enterprise and store, or customize it according to its IP image, so that the robot can better integrate into it.

    • Exclusive OEM customization:

      We can provide exclusive OEM customization according to customer requirements. For example, we can change the accessories of the robot according to needs to give better play to its distribution function.