Meal delivery robot as standard?

Distribution robot

At present, the intelligence of the service industry is prominent. Distribution robots shuttle through various stores, both providing services and as displays, attracting a large number of passengers to the stores.


Meal delivery robot as standard?

With the application of artificial intelligence in the catering industry, the "smart restaurant", which used to appear only in movies, is becoming more and more common. Distribution robots are used to reduce labor costs and improve service efficiency.

The store attendant only needs to click on the screen or call the robot remotely on the mobile phone, which is convenient to control and easy to use; In addition, the robot also integrates multi-sensor, has 

intelligent obstacle avoidance function, realizes the whole process intelligent distribution service, independently adapts to a variety of complex environments, operates stably and safely, predicts the real-time environment independently, and walks more flexibly. Reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.


Reduce labor costs

Optimize manpower and improve service efficiency. According to industry estimates, distribution robots generally have 3-4 layers of pallets, which can transport 6 to 16 dishes at a time; In a restaurant with an area of about 2000 square meters, it takes only more than 40 seconds to pass dishes with a distribution robot from the back kitchen to the front hall, saving about 5 manpower for the restaurant and recovering the investment in a few months.

Haidilao has used 958 delivery robots in restaurants around the world since its first smart restaurant; Banu successively launched nearly 100 robots in its 30 restaurants to help service personnel deliver dishes and liberate the legs of waiters; Grandma's family launched 200 snack delivery robots in the waiting area last year, and this year's resumption of work will enable the distribution robot to run and pass dishes 

in the hall to avoid personnel contact... According to UBS's estimation, after using the robot, Haidilao will reduce the labor force by 37% and save about 172000 yuan per month.


Robot induced passenger flow

The intelligent new dining experience brought by the distribution robot is very popular. The "black technology" attribute of the distribution robot itself has become a "signboard" to attract customers. Customers are more

 willing to take photos, interact and share, which is also a marketing method. It is not difficult to find that on many platforms, some catering stores using robots are easier to attract customers to "punch in".

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