Xiao Wan has entered science City!

Xiao Wan has entered science City!

Guangming Science City has perfect transportation, convenient transportation, comprehensive supporting facilities and rich green ecological resources. The core area of Guangming Science City will focus on key disciplines such as life science, information science, materials science and space science, accelerate the construction of a number of cutting-edge scientific installations, national laboratories and comprehensive research platforms, and plan to build five major scientific installations.

Xiaowan Robot serves science City

Welcome guests, take guests, distribution, cruise, broadcast, 

etcAdd a lot of technology color to the science City Museum

Wan Dechang professional engineers deploy and debug xiao Wan robots on site

Perfectly matched to the environment

Careful training of engineers

After the machine is deployed,

The engineer carefully gave the library staff

Explain the precautions for the use of xiaowan robot

Thanks to AI intelligent systems and powerful sensors

Make the robot work efficiently, accurately and conveniently

After a while, the girls were skilled in using it

With Xiao Wan robot, work becomes so easy

Xiao Wan robot Science City work trip

He also brought along his workmate, the temperature measuring and welcoming robot

Wan Dechang temperature measuring and welcoming robot can be described as a fire eye

At a glance, they can know their body temperature and whether they wear masks

Second reaction to broadcast temperature information, remind to wear masks

The temperature gun in the security boy's hand was instantly laid off

Leading science and technology innovation science and technology warm life!


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