Reveal how Xiao Wan was born

Reveal how Xiao Wan was born

-Production robot-


With the spirit of craftsman throughout each process, each process is controlled by the highest standard, to ensure the most perfect quality.


The aircraft body is made of high strength aviation aluminum alloy plate, and laser cutting is carried out by large high precision laser cutting equipment, with high efficiency and minimal error.


Adjust the sheet metal machine, set sheet metal parameters, and start   sheet metal work.


 Measure sheet metal parts 

 Welding sheet metal parts 


Advanced customized paint with advanced paint baking technology, so that the fuselage bright color and wear.

Body painting assembly


Product testing

Strict and rigorous testing standards, perfect testing process, testing every machine, to ensure the same factory quality.


Display of Finished product Area


Shenzhen Wan Dechang Innovation Intelligence Co., LTD

Set design, research and development, production and sales of service robots are widely used in restaurants, hotels, buildings, 4S shops, hospitals, KTV and other scenes

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