The gospel of foot bathingtechnicians!




The gospel of foot bathingtechnicians!

In the traditional foot bathing experience, I believe many friends have encountered it. They have experienced a long wait in the process of technicians going to fetch and pour water, but they really don't understand the hardships of technicians!

It's difficult for the technician to carry the water until he stumbles. When the water is delivered, it has taken a lot of effort, and it is also very easy to splash the water during the water transportation process, resulting in the slippery ground and increasing the risk of falling.

Now the intelligent water robot is coming!

Now you just need to click the bracelet gently, and soon the water robot will automatically come to the door of the designated room. The super large water storage tank can deliver water to multiple rooms at one time.

Large flow outlet

Quickly fill up the required water

Automatically detect the water storage in the machine,

Lower than the storage water volume,

Automatically arrive at the water room to receive water.

Time saving, labor saving / safer and more convenient

While ensuring the sense of customer experience

Technicians can also focus more on their work

Water transport robot


Large capacity water storage and insulation function;

Automatic detection of water storage,

Automatically reach the water intake to make up water;

Large capacity water outlet, fast filling;

Bracelet call function, on call;

Bracelet reminder function, machine arrival reminder.

Lead technological innovation, and technology warms life.

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